Apollo 17 marks 50 years since moon landing

STORY: It's been 50 years since

Apollo 17 landed on the moon

No one has been back since

The Saturn V rocket blasted off

at Florida's Kennedy Space Center

33 minutes past midnight

on December 7, 1972

Apollo 17 crew members were the last of

12 NASA astronauts who walked on the moon

during a total of six Apollo missions from 1969 to 1972

(Eugene “Gene” Cernan, Apollo 17 Captain)

"There are no small people in this program, there are no small people on Apollo 17. It made any difference whether you swept out the white room or whether you passed coffee at MCC or whether you kept the sharks away during recovery. Everybody on this flight was a big man. There are no little guys and if I can borrow just a quick phrase, or a quick word that I read yesterday, that our President used, in terms of words of Sir Isaac Newton, we stood on the shoulders of giants."