Anya Taylor-Joy Is Completely Unrecognisable With Her New Red Bob And Micro-Fringe

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Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Other than her incredible acting skills, Anya Taylor-Joy is known for her trademark hairstyle. Just do a quick Google search and you'll be inundated with images of her luscious white-blonde locks.

However, as of yesterday, this look may be no more...

Anya is currently in Australia filming for the prequel to Mad Max Fury Road, Furiosa and in an adorable Instagram post alongside her boyfriend Malcolm McRae, the actor debuted a brand new haircut and colour. A two for one deal, if you will.

And this isn't any old subtle haircut, no. Instead, it seems that the star has chopped off her signature XXL peroxide blonde tresses and has replaced the look with a red bob and micro-fringe.

Here is her look before the big chop:

Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images

And now for the bold new style:

The fresh jaw-grazing blunt-bob and extra short fringe is giving us all the Joan of Arc vibes. Read: Zendaya at Met Gala 2018.

Having said that, it seems as if Anya is wearing a costume, so, with the thought in mind that she is on set, we're going to hazard a guess and say that this is potentially a wig. After all, celebrities are prone to wearing wigs for a quick-change dramatic transformation. It allows for all the drama without any commitment.

In the comments of Anya's post, fans are also likening her to Beth Harmon, the character she played in The Queen's Gambit.

One fan wrote: 'BETH HARMON ARE U? [sic].'

Another said: 'beth ???? 😭 [sic].'

Someone else said: 'Love the Beth Harmon look👩🏼🦰💙 [sic].'

While another fan commented: 'WAIT…BETH??? [sic]'

We guess only time will tell as to whether this is a brand new look for Anya, something for her latest acting role, or if she's returning as Beth Harmon for a new series of TQG. We're hoping for all of the above.

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