Anya Taylor-Joy Had 'Anatomically Correct Heart Cakes' At Her Secret Wedding

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Anya Taylor-Joy's Wedding Cake Was InsaneMatt Winkelmeyer - Getty Images

We've all seen adorable heart-shaped cakes, but what about an anatomically correct heart cake that looks like the real thing? Well, that's exactly what actress Anya Taylor-Joy served at the secret wedding she held two years ago in New Orleans. And to be honest, we don't know whether to be frightened, impressed, or a little bit of both.

To even say that the cake is anatomically correct might be an understatement. It looks as if it was pulled straight out of a horror movie (she did dress as the vampire Lestat from Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, so there's that).

Taylor-Joy shared a handful of photos from the wedding earlier today and in one of the slides there's an image of the cake. The dessert is comprised of two (awwww!!) hearts and is surrounded by pools of fake blood.

Fans congratulated The Menu star on her wedding anniversary, and others seemed perplexed by the cake. One user even joked about the link between the eerie cakes and Illuminati-esque human sacrifices.

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"Are they really cakes or proof that the elite eat human sacrifices? Dun dun dunnnnn," they wrote.

Surprisingly, there were a handful of followers who were immediately impressed by the unique dessert.

"The coronary cakes go INSANE," one person wrote.

"Congratulations and you are now my fav with those heart cakes," another added.

And then there was this person who was just plain confused: "What on earth is on that plate in the last photo."

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