Anti-G7 protests take place near venue

STORY: Leaders of seven of the world's most advanced economies are meeting for their annual three day summit in Castle Elmau in Southern Germany.

Protesters called upon the leaders to do more against climate change.

"The heads of states of the G7 countries are the world's biggest contributors to the climate crisis but don't do enough to fulfill their responsibility to avert the looming climate catastrophe," Charlotte Becker from Oxfam said.

Leaders are expected to discuss options for tackling rising energy prices and replacing Russian oil and gas imports, as well as sanctions that do not exacerbate the cost-of-living crisis affecting their own populations.

Soaring global energy and food prices are hitting economic growth in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine, with the United Nations warning of an "unprecedented global hunger crisis".

But protesters, like Fritz Willmann, was not confident that the leaders could solve the crisis.

“Unfortunately, nothing will come out of this summit that I would like to see. What I would like to see, would be a decision on the de-escalation policy, if they would be so kind as to do that," he said.

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