Anthony Scaramucci believes a new GOP faction could convene as early as fall

Republican and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360,” Monday. He discussed the development of a new Republican Party, separate from the Donald Trump driven GOP.

“Listen, 63% of the surveyed Republicans say that they want a new party,” said Scarmucci. “I think there's a large group of people in the party that are organizing now and are debating whether or not to have a faction inside the party or to literally spin out and have a fall convention for a new party as a precursor to the congressional midterms and then start slating candidates.”

While prominent GOP members like Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham continue to support the former president and his divisive rhetoric, Scaramucci believes there is still room for traditional Republicans.

“You can go with radical fringe Trumpism where these people literally are signaling to you that they want to destroy your democracy,” said Scarmucci. “Or you can try to set up, people that really love the country, that have center-right values can try to set up something new.”