Another greenway trail temporarily closing in Raleigh as more sewer pipes are replaced

Robert Willett/

A 2.5-mile section of the Neuse River Greenway Trail will be closed for more than a year for a sewer pipe replacement project.

The closure, between Milburnie Park and Anderson Point Park, is scheduled to begin Monday, Nov. 28, and last through early 2024.

During that time, city contractors will install new, larger sewer pipes along the west side of the Neuse River. The new pipes — 60 and 66 inches in diameter — will replace ones that are in poor condition, according to the city, and will be able to handle larger amounts of wastewater during storms.

Cyclists and joggers will be directed on a 2.6-mile detour between the two parks. The route includes sidewalks along Anderson Pointe Lane, Neuse View Drive and North Rogers Lane as well as short sections of Allen Drive and Raleigh Beach Road that have no sidewalks.

It’s not uncommon for Raleigh’s greenway trails to share space with the city’s sewer lines. Both often follow streams that flow gently downhill through relatively flat bottomland.

Another sewer construction project has closed a 3-mile section of the Walnut Creek Greenway Trail between Rock Quarry Road and Interstate 440. The trail closed in April as workers replace wastewater pipes, some more than 60 years old, with larger ones.

This stretch of the Walnut Creek Greenway Trail is not scheduled to reopen until the end of May 2023. A 4-mile detour over sidewalks includes Birch Ridge Drive, Poole Road, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Raleigh Boulevard.