Another criminal charge for 15-year-old shot and paralyzed by a Miami-Dade police officer

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Photo provided by family of Corleone-Venisee.

Another criminal charge has been given to a 15-year-old boy who was shot and paralyzed by a Miami-Dade Police sergeant.

Vito Corleone-Venisee was charged with aggravated assault Friday night. He was previously charged with possession of a firearm by a minor and resisting an officer without violence.

He’s also facing charges for failing to appear at two court appearances late last year from 2020 arrests by different law enforcement agencies for attempted burglary and robbery.

Miami-Dade Police invoked Marsy’s Law to withhold the name of the officer who shot Corleone-Venisee, claiming he’s a victim. The controversial state statute was originally said to be a measure intended to shield the identify of crime victims.

Several law enforcement sources have confirmed to the Herald that the officer is Luke Marckioli, an experienced and decorated veteran sergeant who was on patrol as a member of the department’s Homicide Violence Task Force.

Corleone-Venisee was shot on Jan. 16 after police were on the lookout for a stolen car. That weekend, police presence had been beefed up in the county’s Northside District after the shooting of a Brownsville rapper.

Corleone-Venisee and two others were in a 2021 Dodge Challenger and on their way to a car meet, to gather with friends and show off cars. Police, according to arrest reports and law enforcement sources, said the stolen vehicle, a Dodge Charger, was spotted next to the one containing Corleone-Venisee.

A Dodge Charger is a four-door sedan and a Challenger is a two-door muscle coupe.

When officers ordered the vehicles to stop, police said both cars took off and police gave chase. The Charger, the stolen vehicle, escaped. The Challenger eventually crashed through a fence and into a tree before coming to a stop. Corleone-Venisee and the two other occupants ran. The other two got away. The teen was shot.

Corleone-Venisee is paralyzed from the neck down and recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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