Anne Hathaway Gets Emotional Talking About New Film “The Idea of You”

Rick Kern

Despite having more than two decades of film success, Anne Hathaway still gets choked up when an audience loves her movies. And that was the case last night after receiving a positive response to her newest film, The Idea of You.

The film premiered at South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival on March 16 in Austin, Texas with the main cast standing on the stage after the screening. Hathaway was shown in video footage from the screening getting visibly emotional after the crowd cheered for the film.

“I love you so much,” Hathaway said to the crowd. “You have no idea the gift that you've just given us with your responsiveness, by being so connected to every little nuance in this. I will never forget this screening. Thank you so much.”

Hathaway plays the role of a 40-year-old single mom who begins a romantic relationship with a 24-year-old pop star — played by Red White & Royal Blue's Nicholas Galitzine. The film is based on a book of the same name by Robinne Lee. Many fans believed the film's inspiration was Harry Styles and One Direction, but the author has said in the past that Galitzine's character is based on a myriad of people, including real people in Lee's life, along with Prince Harry and Harry Styles.

“I wanted to make this movie because it was a great part," Hathaway continued. "It was a great part and a fun premise and for some reason, we talk about coming-of-age stories as being something that happens to [the] earliest part of your life. And I don't know about you but I feel like I keep blooming.”

Anne Hathaway is credited as a producer on the film, along with Gabrielle Union, who is a close friend of the author and helped bring the book to the big screen. Union told reporters at SXSW that she resonated with Hathaway's character, who struggles with the public's perception of her relationship.

The crowd at SXSW was shrieking and gasping at the more intimate scenes of the film, according to attendees, and Galitzine later told the crowd that the chemistry between him and Hathaway was “spiritual.”

“We had a simpatico, a shared sense of humor,” he continued. “It was just very easy. I remember leaving that room thinking, ‘Regardless of what happens with this, I am so proud of this special thing that happened there.’”

Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway at the 'The Idea of You' premiere as part of SXSW 2024 Conference and Festivals held at the Paramount Theatre on March 16, 2024 in Austin, Texas.

The Idea of You will be streaming on Amazon Prime on May 2.

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