What animal could you beat in a combat fight? 6% believe they could take grizzly bear, poll finds

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Think you could defeat a grizzly bear in a hand-to-hand combat fight? Or an elephant? Or an alligator?

A 2021 poll from YouGov, tabbed "Rumble in the Jungle," asked Americans these important questions about how they'd stack up against certain animals – at a fight to the death in the wild – and the poll answers are quite interesting.

Of the 15 animals listed, grizzly bears came in first place of least likely to kill at 6%. Still, that's 6% of people who think they could go Leonardo DiCaprio in the "Revenant" on an actual grizzly bear, which on average weigh around 1,700 pounds. Seriously?

Perhaps just as perplexing: 8% of Americans believe they could beat a lion, elephant and gorilla.

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Rats came in last place in the poll, as 72% of Americans believe they could kill a rat. Yet they'd have to catch the rat to kill it, right? Cats came in second-to-last place, with 69% of Americans thinking they could defeat a feline.

The survey revealed that there was no gender difference when it came to men or women fighting the top tier of opponents in the animal kingdom. For methodology, this poll consisted of 1,224 U.S. adults who were over 18 and was conducted in April of 2021.

The survey also looked at which animals Americans figured would win in an animal fighting tournament, with elephants and rhinos coming out on top and geese falling in last place, followed closely ahead of an "unarmed human."

A look at the full list from 2021 of the animals Americans think they could take on are below:

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: What animal could you beat in a combat fight? 6% think a grizzly bear

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