Animal care worker gave missing pug to a stranger — and got fired, Texas cops say

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Manny the 8-year-old pug went missing last week after a city employee was supposed to admit him into the Laredo Animal Care Services facility, Texas police said.

The pug has since been reunited with his family, police said, and the worker has been fired. He also faces criminal charges.

On Oct. 19 — the day Manny was last seen before his reunion — police received a report about the theft of a pug from a Laredo neighborhood. Someone said the dog was picked up by a Laredo Animal Care Services worker, but Manny was never admitted into the animal facility.

A criminal case was filed with police when Manny’s owners arrived at the facility to pick him up, but he wasn’t there.

Investigators questioned the employee last seen with Manny, and he said he gave the dog away to “an unknown person” who offered to take the pug.

“After a thorough investigation by the Laredo Police Department, it was determined that the employee acted in an improper manner,” police said.

The City of Lardeo fired the employee in question for “various violations,” police said. The District Attorney’s Office also approved a warrant to charge the worker with Abuse of Official Capacity, a misdemeanor, and he was booked into jail.

Manny was given back three days after he was reported stolen, though police did not share who had Manny or what their connection was to the employee.

“It’s definitely a Happy Friday for Manny,” police said on Facebook. “He has been located and reunited with his owner! We’d like to thank the community for their assistance in locating Manny.”

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