Angry Orchard Is Going Hard This Fall With Massive King Size Bottles

angry orchard giant bottle
angry orchard giant bottle - Angry Orchard

You can't say that Angry Orchard isn't celebrating the fall season in style. Autumn is ripe for apple harvest, after all, so this particular promotion makes a lot of sense. To welcome the change of seasons, Angry Orchard is selling a limited-edition king-sized bottle of its popular hard cider. Fans of the drink will find plenty of the original crisp apple hard cider that they love, only a very large quantity of it.

How big, you may ask? The king-sized bottle holds a whopping six liters. That's more than 16 times larger than a standard bottle of Angry Orchard. A standard bottle holds 12 ounces of liquid, by the way. With an alcohol by volume of 7%, it's not recommended that one drinks this all in one sitting or even alone. In a press release, the company recommended that the drink be poured and shared among friends. It's definitely an icebreaker if you're bringing this to your Halloween party.

While Angry Orchard may be making a statement this autumn, this actually isn't even the biggest bottle of alcohol ever. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest bottle of beer in the world was over eight feet tall and contained over 130 gallons of beer.

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How To Get Your Hands On A Bottle

Angry Orchard giant bottle with box
Angry Orchard giant bottle with box - Angry Orchard

If you want to try the king-sized bottle of Angry Orchard or perhaps just want to own it for a conversation piece, then you have a few opportunities. Given the size of the cider bottle, there's a limited quantity, and the company will be selling while supplies last through its online store. Unfortunately, once it's gone, it's gone. The company will be holding three separate selling dates across October, preventing an early buyout. Those dates are October 2, October 9, and October 16.

Angry Orchard does offer nationwide shipping to most places, as well. So, how much will the bottle set you back? It costs $200 in total (although that may not include taxes). By comparison, a six-pack of Angry Orchard costs about $10 on average. So, if it's really just about taste, then that may be a better cost-effective option for you. For many, the king-sized bottle may be more about the experience than anything. With that in mind, consider buying the king-sized bottle straight from the source. Angry Orchard will also be selling a limited number of bottles on-location at its home in New York's Hudson Valley. Depending on where you're located, that might be quite the trip.

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