Angry customer attacks over her wait for burrito, California street vendor says

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A woman was arrested after being accused of attacking a street food vendor in California during Independence Day weekend, local news outlets reported.

Videos of the scene at South Tacos Stand in southern Los Angeles show the woman’s outburst. The 30-year-old woman was seen shouting at the vendor, throwing food, pouring out juice and horchata and spitting on what remained, CBS Los Angeles reported.

The vendor told KTLA that she was frightened by the woman’s actions, but said she needs to continue working in the area despite fearing for her safety.

The customer first became frustrated because she was told she would have to wait for a burrito, employees told CBS Los Angeles. Later, she returned, saying she didn’t like the burrito and demanding a new plate, Fox 11 reported.

Employees said she had to pay for another plate, and the woman responded by attacking the vendor, the vendor told the outlet.

After vandalizing the stand, the woman made herself a plate, KTLA reported.

Jimmy Saucez, a Los Angeles food influencer, told the outlet that other street vendors have faced harassment.

“Street vendors are vulnerable and they are on the streets and have no protection because there’s nobody there to watch over them, and most of their transactions are cash, so they’re easy targets for a lot of these hoodlums out there,” Saucez told the outlet.

Workers at the stand told CBS Los Angeles that police took more than an hour to respond.

McClatchy News reached out to police for more information on July 6 and was awaiting a response.

People in the area rallied in support of the food stand on July 4, NBC Los Angeles reported. Supporters also started a GoFundMe to help the vendor after the incident, Fox 11 reported.

The suspect was arrested at around 4 p.m. on July 5 and is being held on $60,000 bail, CBS Los Angeles reported. She faces charges of felony robbery, Fox 11 reported.

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