Anger Over Ghostbuster Missing From New Blu-ray Cover


Can you spot anything missing from this picture? No? What about the one below?

Well, it would appear that the cover of the new 4K ultra HD Blu-ray release of Ivan Reitman’s classic ‘Ghostbusters’ has completely missed out Ernie Hudson’s Winston Zeddemore.

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Actually, that’s not strictly true.

He does appear in the picture in the bottom left corner, exiting Ecto-1, but his head is obscured by the Ghostbusters logo.


It is indeed something of a reckless blunder, with fans quickly slamming distributor Sony for the glaring omission.

Sadly, it’s long been the case that fourth Ghostbuster – he joins the crew part way through the film – has found himself sidelined.


In 2014, when the movie was celebrating its 30th anniversary, he spoke of how he discovered that his character had been slashed only when he arrived on set.

This was also after he’d agreed to take low-ball wage, told that the movie would make his career.

“You know Ghostbusters was a lot of fun. The guys were a lot of fun to work with and we laughed a lot,” he said. “But for me personally the movie was probably the most fun and one of the most painful movies I’ve ever done.

“For me it was a real adjustment because the studio kept making decisions that did not include me. So it was hard for me psychologically to stay positive.

“It’s only been in the last 15 years that I’ve actually started to relax and embrace the whole Ghostbuster idea because basically when the movie came out – I wasn’t on the poster, I wasn’t in the trailer.

“My character was dropped half way through the movie and then didn’t come in until half way through. You want to stay positive and you want to show up for work and do your best job but it was hard.

“But then in the second movie they did the exact same thing - they took the character completely out of the first half of the movie. And I’m going: 'Why?’ That of course has never really been answered.”

On why he felt he was left out, he added: “When you’re a black guy you can blame everything on racism. But I don’t go there. I think there are a lot of reason why things happen and race is often the least likely reason.

“When fans come up to me and suggest that race is an issue in the movie I always say at least they included me in the film - they didn’t have to do that. But then again I don’t know why - there’s so many things about this business that I don’t know why.

“You can spend your whole life trying to figure it out and I don’t have that time.”

Image credits: Sony/Rex Features