Andy Cohen Dropped an F-Bomb On-Air for the First Time and Fans Fully Support It

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Andy Cohen Dropped an F-Bomb On-Air for the First Time and Fans Fully Support It

While Andy Cohen has quite the track record of outrageous on-air moments, his latest breakdown shocked even himself.

It all went down on Watch What Happens Live in January when Andy explained a TikTok trend in which people pranked their loved ones' by telling them their favorite celebrity had suddenly died — when they hadn't. Dubbing the segment "Jackhole of the Day," the Bravo host ranted about the viral prank, which led to some swearing on live television.

Andy revealed people sent him reaction videos of his supposed death. A few smatterings of laughter initially crept out of the crowd, but he hammered home that he finds no humor in it.

"I have no desire to experience people’s reactions to me dying," he said on the show. "I am scared enough of dying in reality without having to watch bizarre simulations of it over and over again."

Andy continued before a bleep covered his expletive: "Don’t make, distribute or tag me in any f-----."

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Astonished by his slip, he gasped, sat upright and covered his mouth. Andy pointed out, "That was the first time I’ve ever done that on this show."

Watch What Happens Live fans reveled in the moment on Twitter, with many expressing their feelings about it being Andy's first flub.

"I’m surprised that’s the first time! 🤣🤣🤣🤣," one person replied to the tweet. "Seeee … Even the great @Andy is human!!" another added. "Hey, I support this F-bomb, just sayin' lol," a different user wrote.

The TV personality kept the same energy when sharing the clip on his Instagram. He wrote in the caption, "Yo, Tik Tok. This is gross! (I’m so fired up about it I let the F-bomb slip for the first time [in] my 13 1/2 years on WWHL!)."

Fortunately, he calmed in the video clip to say a thank you to all the TikTok moms and their tearful reactions while ultimately calling an end to it all. He said, "I was very touched, then horribly depressed. Stop now ya TikTokers!"

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