Andrew McCutchen gave his newborn son the most Pittsburgh name ever

The Pittsburgh PiratesAndrew McCutchen and his wife Maria Hanslovan paid tribute to Pittsburgh when they named their newborn son. (Instagram/@cutchtwenty2)

A year ago, the baseball world was wondering if lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen would be traded. Imagining Cutch anywhere but Pittsburgh seemed weird, because he’s so connected to the city.

Cutch didn’t end up being traded, and he had a nice bounce-back season in center field. But in case he ever does get traded, McCutchen found a way to keep the sprit of Pittsburgh with him for the rest of his life.

On Monday, McCutchen and his wife Maria Hanslovan welcomed their first child into the world. It’s a boy, and he has the most Pittsburgh name ever: Steel Stefan McCutchen.

Even if Steel wasn’t a Pittsburgh reference, it’s a totally righteous name. And the way Cutch ends that post is so adorable: “Okay, I gotta go stare at him some more.” Pretty much all parents are madly in love with their newborn babies, but it’s still delightful.

Cutch giving his son such a Pittsburgh name got us thinking about the other Pittsburgh names he could have used. In case he has another child, the Yahoo Sports gang came up with a list of other city-related names he should keep in his back pocket.

  • Bonds Bonilla McCutchen
  • Immaculata Bradshaw McCutchen
  • Rivers McCutchen III
  • Warhol Primanti McCutchen
  • Giant Eagle McCutchen
  • Inclinetrain Yinz McCutchen
  • Friesinasandwich McCutchen

No charge for these suggestions, Cutch. Just keep them in mind when you welcome your next kid!

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