Andhra's BJP president Somu Veerraju slams state government for not providing aid to farmers

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Andhra Pradesh BJP president Somu Veerraju (Photo/ANI)
Andhra Pradesh BJP president Somu Veerraju (Photo/ANI)

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], June 14 (ANI): Andhra Pradesh BJP president Somu Veerraju slammed the state government for not providing any aid to the farmers.

"The state government is not giving minimum support price (MSP) to farmers for their crops but making false claims. Ruling party i.e. YSRCP is indulging in corruption in the name of a housing scheme. State BJP will hold agitation against the state government's anti-farmer policies", the BJP president said.

While addressing reporters, Somu Veerraju said: "The state government is not in a position to provide MSP for crop yields. But the state government is blaming the Centre for not increasing the MSP. The state government has become a puppet in the hands of millers and middlemen. They are looting farmers under various names. The state government has not cleared the payments due under MSP. BJP is going to launch massive agitation for the protection of farmers' rights and increase of taxes in local bodies."

"Another scheme is Housing for all under PMAY. In the name of providing houses for poor, the state government is implementing PMAY. The Central government is giving 23,000 crores for 15 lakh houses. The State is giving land only. Now the state government is asking the Centre to develop all infrastructure. Then, what the state government is doing on its own? They simply renamed PMAY houses as Jagananna colonies. In the name of these colonies, YSRCP leaders have dug out hills, and sold out those lands. Thus, huge corruption took place in the name of providing houses to poor. All the central government schemes are being renamed in the name of CM Jagan and his father YSR. Thus, they are misusing the central government schemes", he said.

"In Visakhapatnam, ruling party is demolishing constructions in the guise of encroachments. Opposition parties are alleging that demolitions are being made out of political vendetta. As BJP, we opine that enquiry should be ordered with a high court judge. If the encroachments are proved, then the government can demolish them. But it is not correct to demolish constructions at the whims and fancies of the state government", he said.

The BJP President said, "It is not true that the state government is imposing this burden as guided by the Centre. BJP will hold agitation against increase of property tax ." (ANI)

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