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Visiongain has published a new report on Global Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices Market Report Forecast 2020-2030. Forecasts by Product Type Anesthesia Devices (Anesthesia Machines – Anesthesia Delivery Machines, Anesthesia Ventilators, Anesthesia Monitors; Anesthesia Disposables – Anesthesia Masks, Anesthesia Accessories); Respiratory Devices (Equipment – Humidifiers, Nebulizers, Oxygen Concentrators, Positive Airway Pressure Devices, Reusable Resuscitators, Ventilators, Respiratory Inhalers; Respiratory Disposables – Disposable Oxygen Masks, Resuscitators, Tracheostomy Tubes, Nasal Cannula; Respiratory Measurement Devices – Pulse Oximeters, Capnographs, Spirometers, Peak Flow Meters). PLUS, Profiles of Leading Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices Companies and Regional and Leading National Market Analysis. PLUS COVID-19 Recovery Scenarios

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How has COVID-19 impacted the Anaesthesia and Respiratory Devices Market?

The current COVID-19 pandemic is anticipated to have a positive impact on the overall anesthesia and respiratory business outlook. Also, significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to be seen in anesthesia and respiratory devices, needed to treat COVID-19 infections. With the sustained blow-out of this virus, which is the basis for pneumonia and breathing difficulty, hospitals are facing an inadequate supply of ventilators. For example, in Italy, hospitals have been shocked by the number of patients with respiratory-related illnesses, and medical professionals are taking difficult life-or-death conclusions about which patients to receive ventilators. Medical device companies are likely to turn to domestic players for the manufacturing of these devices rather than to other foreign markets dependent businesses. Logistical problems may potentially present an obstacle in the supply chain, along with trade restrictions. Moreover, as the number of COVID-19 patients continues to swell around the world, medical device companies are increasingly dependent on collaborations for these devices to meet the rising demand. Several companies are expected to invest in R&D activities that concentrate on the development of easy ventilator designs and increase the production of ventilators and other related devices. Continued investments coupled with high demand for ventilators and other related devices to treat COVID-19 patients are anticipated to play a key role in boosting the growth of the market for anesthesia and respiratory devices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How the Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices Market report helps you
In summary, our 610+ page report provides you with the following knowledge:

• Revenue forecasts to 2030 for Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices Market, with forecasts for Product Type, each forecasted at a global and regional level– discover the industry’s prospects, finding the most lucrative places for investments and revenues. Respiratory devices segment accounts for the major share of the global anesthesia and respiratory devices market in 2019 while anesthesia devices segment is expected to be the fastest growing marking during the forecast period.

• Revenue forecasts to 2030 for 5 regional and 16 key national markets – See forecasts for the anesthesia and respiratory devices market in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. Also forecasted is the market in the US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, China, India, Japan, and Australia among other prominent economies. There will be growth in both established and in developing markets. Our analyses show that the U.S. would continue dominating the global anesthesia and respiratory devices market while India is poised to grow at a double digit CAGR during the forecast period, 2020 to 2030.

• Prospects for established firms and those seeking to enter the market– including company profiles for 20 of the major companies involved in the Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices Market. The anesthesia and respiratory devices market is relatively concentrated with top ten players accounting for 57% share of the total market in 2019. Some of the company’s profiled in this report include:

– ResMed Inc.
– Medtronic plc
– Vyaire Medical Inc.
– Masimo Corporation
– Invacare Corporation
– Hamilton Medical AG
– Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA
– Nihon Kohden Corporation
– Omron Healthcare, Inc.
– Smiths Medical
– Royal Philips
– General Electric Company

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What are the main market drivers?

Rising Geriatric Population:

In recent years, the global geriatric population has experienced an unparalleled rise. Aging is associated with a steady reduction in lung function and a rise in respiratory disease prevalence, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. With a rise in age, the respiratory system undergoes numerous anatomical, physiological, and immunological changes. The structural changes, involving deformities in the chest wall and thoracic spine, affect respiratory system functioning, and create difficulties in breathing. Soon, the incidence of respiratory diseases is projected to increase; thereby driving the global demand for anesthesia and respiratory devices.

According to World Population Prospects data: the 2019 Revision, by 2050, one in six people worldwide will be over 65 years of age (16 percent), up from one in 11 in 2019 (9 percent). One in four individuals living in Europe and North America will be aged 65 or over by 2050. In 2018, individuals aged 65 or older outnumbered children under the age of five worldwide for the first time in history. It is estimated that the number of people aged 80 years or over will triple, from 143 million in 2019 to 426 million in 2050.

Growing Respiratory Disease Burden:

Respiratory diseases place an enormous global burden on health. Five of these diseases are among the world's most prominent causes of serious illness and death. An estimated 65 million people suffer from moderate to extreme chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), from which around 3 million die each year, making it the world's third leading cause of death – and the figures are-. About 334 million individuals suffer from asthma, which is the most common childhood chronic condition, affecting 14 percent of children worldwide. The prevalence of children's asthma is growing. Acute infections of the lower respiratory tract have been among the top three causes of death and impairment among both children and adults for decades. 10.4 million people developed tuberculosis (TB) in 2015, and 1.4 million died because of it. The world's most prevalent lethal neoplasm is lung cancer, which annually kills 1.6 million people; and the figures are rising.

More than 10 percent of all disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) account for respiratory disorders, a measure that measures the amount of active and productive life lost because of an illness. Respiratory diseases are second only (including stroke) to cardiovascular diseases. Five out of the 30 most common causes of death are respiratory diseases: COPD is third; inflammation of the lower respiratory tract is fourth; sixth is tracheal, bronchial and lung cancer; twelfth is TB, and twenty-eighth is asthma

Where are the market opportunities?

Significant Number of Investments & Partnerships to Offer Lucrative Revenue Avenues:

The market attracts a significant number of investments and partnerships to meet the growing healthcare needs and speeds up the global marketing of advanced anesthesia and respiratory devices such as ventilators. For example, in July 2020, Advanced MedTech Holdings, a global leader in medical technology, and SEEDS Capital, Enterprise Singapore's investment arm, announced that they had invested US$ 10 million in Series A funding for ABM Respiratory Care (ABM), a company that develops new integrated airway clearance and ventilation solutions for medical devices.

Boehringer Ingelheim completed the €105 million investment to expand related production activities at its Dortmund and Ingelheim sites in April 2019. For the next generation of this popular medical device, adequate capacity is now available. In Dortmund, additional production space for another flexible assembly line for the new Respimat was built. Of the overall investment, EUR 78 million went to this construction and production site, while the remaining EUR 27 million went to Ingelheim to buy new machinery, equipment, and supplies for an additional packaging line. These two programs operate together, which means that the entire phase of construction and production is carried out entirely in Germany, making Boehringer Ingelheim special in this regard.

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Increased Ventilator Production:

The upsurge in respiratory illnesses due to the outbreak of the coronavirus has resulted in the increasing demand for ventilators around the world. Thus, the leading companies have ramped up their production capacity to meet the growing demand for ventilators for COVID-19 patients. Even the non-healthcare companies have come forward to produce ventilators amidst the COVID-19.

Royal Philips issued an update in April 2020 on its plans to double its hospital ventilator volume by May 2020 and achieve a four-fold increase by the third quarter of 2020. This plan builds on the initial increase in production by Philips in the first three months of the year, which has already enabled hospitals in the most affected regions in China, southern Europe, and the US to provide additional ventilators that are vital for the care of COVID-19 patients. Philips launched the new Philips Respironics E30 ventilator, a compact, easy-to-use non-invasive and invasive ventilator equipped for large-scale manufacturing, to further meet the enormous global demand.

What is the Competitive Landscape?

Some of the companies profiled in the report include ResMed Inc., Medtronic plc, Vyaire Medical Inc., Masimo Corporation, Invacare Corporation, OMRON Healthcare, Inc., Smiths Medical, Royal Philips, and General Electric Company. For example, AireHealth Inc. entered into a merger agreement with a respiratory healthcare company, BreathResearch, which focuses on the detection of the rising decline in the status of respiratory health. This helps the company to include all BreathResearch’s assets – such as intellectual property, patents associated with respiratory devices, study of breathing sounds that utilize AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning. Once the acquisition is completed this combined entity will operate as AireHealth. The VitalBreath virtual care platform will allow patients, caregivers, and clinicians to be further knowledgeable and joint in respiratory care, empowering quicker answers to aggravations and interpreting to fewer emergencies and fewer hospitalizations. This acquisition adds significant business opportunities to further boost AireHealth’s long-term strategy of becoming the industry's preferred partner for external innovation.

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