Amy Schumer Hilariously Crashes Two Wedding Photoshoots in New York: 'No Days Off'

The comedian shared images to her Instagram Story where she posed with two different couples in wedding attire

<p>Amy Schumer/Instagram</p> Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer's Instagram Story

Amy Schumer managed to hit different two wedding photoshoots while out on a run on over the weekend.

On Sunday, the Emmy-winning comedian, 42, shared photos to her Instagram Story dressed in workout gear as she posed next to two different couples in wedding attire.

The first couple, posing in front of a view overlooking the Manhattan skyline and holding flowers, smiled for the camera as Schumer stood to next to them in a pair of sunglasses. "No days off," Schumer captioned the pic with bride and groom.

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<p>Amy Schumer/Instagram</p> Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer

The second couple, who were sitting in front of some greenery in a park, were also joined by the comedian as she casually took a seat on the end of the bench.

A rep for Schumer did not immediately respond to PEOPLE for more information on her hilarious wedding day photobombs.

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This isn't the first time that The Trolls Band Together actress has popped up in stranger's wedding photos.

<p>Amy Schumer/Instagram</p> Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer

Jasmin Pereira and Jon Bates — a couple who wed in 2017 — told E! News at the time that the comedian randomly crashed their wedding photos near Harry's Bar in London's Mayfair neighborhood, calling her "just lovely."

"She got out of her car and asked for a pic with us. She congratulated us and she let us take some photos by her car," Pereira told the outlet.

"After we had finished taking photos, she offered us a lift to our reception, as we were hailing a cab," the bride added. "She said, 'Go take it for a spin!' We declined but appreciated the offer. All the guests were really impressed and thought it was hilarious. Weddings can be a boring stuffy affair but Amy added a bit of excitement and a laugh."

Before that, Schumer had crashed engagement photos in New York's Central Park in 2015, and even reportedly crashed an Irish wedding celebration with Judd Apatow that same year.

Just last April, Schumer interrupted another wedding photoshoot in Brooklyn when she asked a couple for a quick pic.

"It’s gotta be good luck when @amyschumer crashes your wedding 😉 she just walked right up to us and asked to be in some photos," photographer Yumi Matsuo wrote at the time. "Love her even more now."

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