Amy Schneider dethroned by Rhone Talsma: A look back at the tricky 'Jeopardy' clues she missed

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Amy Schneider's record-breaking "Jeopardy!" run has finally come to an end.

Two days after becoming the game show's second all-time winner on Monday, the engineering manager from Oakland, California, lost to Rhone Talsma, a Chicago librarian.

Schneider amassed more than $1.3 million in earnings over the course of her 40-day win streak. She trails only Ken Jennings, winner of the game show's 2020 Greatest of All Time tournament and current host of the syndicated quiz show. Jennings holds the record of most consecutive games with 74, which he set in 2004.

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She became known for her calm demeanor and and often held huge leads by the time the game reached 'Final Jeopardy.'

But even Schneider was stumped by a handful of clues through her run. These clues, chronicled by J! Archive, showed fans rare instances of her giving incorrect responses. Would you have gotten any of these right?

1. Cessation of hostilities between fruit liquids.

Category: BEVERAGE RHYMES for $800 (Nov. 17)

Schneider's answer: "What – no"

Correct answer: What is a juice truce?

2. 1956's "Dalmatians" minus 2003's "People You Meet in Heaven."

Category: BOOK TITLE MATH (Nov. 23)

Schneider's answer: What is 94?

Correct answer: What is 96? ("101 Dalmatians" minus "Five People You Meet in Heaven")

3. Nero blamed Rome's Christians for this 64 A.D. disaster and used it as an excuse to persecute them.

Category: JESUS & NERO (Nov. 29)

Schneider's answer: What is the eruption of Vesuvius?

Correct answer: What is the fire (when Rome burned)?

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4. Mid-Atlantic city where you'll find the crypt of John Paul Jones.


Schneider's answer: What is Philadelphia?

Correct answer: What is Annapolis?

5. It's a statement or proposition that, despite sound reasoning, leads to a self-contradictory conclusion.

Category: 7 LETTER WORDS (Dec. 20)

Schneider's answer: What's an oxymoron?

Correct answer: What is a paradox?

6. A transform fault such as the San Andreas is where 2 of these very large plates slide past each other.

Category: GEOLOGY (Dec. 21)

Schneider's answer: What are continental plates?

Correct answer: What are tectonic plates?

7. "La Galatea", his first novel, appeared in 1585, 20 years before his most famous one

Category: NOVELS & NOVELISTS (Dec. 24)

Schneider's answer: Who is Defoe?

Correct answer: Who is Cervantes?

8. This word for a fake once meant the craft of metalmaking.

Category: THAT'S BOGUS (Dec. 28)

Schneider's answer: What is a dummy?

Correct answer: What is a forgery?

9. This river & the Ebro are the 2 longest on the Iberian Peninsula

Category: EURO-POURRI (Jan. 4)

Schneider's answer: What is the Guadalquivir?

Correct answer: What is the Tagus River?

10. In the first ever conference championship in 1971, Baltimore downed Oakland, putting the game away with a 68-yard fourth quarter touchdown strike to Ray Perkins from this legendary quarterback.


Schneider's answer: Who is Namath?

Correct answer: Who is Johnny Unitas?

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