AMLC Staking Program Moves Toward Phase 2 and Beyond with the AMLC Staking Savings Scheme

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SHENZHEN, China, June 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital asset exchange, IDXA, recently announced that the AMLC Staking Program, launched in collaboration with Ascendancy Management Limited, would be moving into its second phase with the launch of the AMLC Staking Savings Scheme on June 22nd, 2021.

The upcoming launch of the AMLC Staking Savings Scheme will occur way ahead of schedule due to the AMLC Staking Program's exceedingly strong performance in Phase 1 which saw all available quota being taken up within 2 days of its launch.

The AMLC Staking Savings Scheme takes into account market feedback and demand for a simple, fuss-free way to earn returns on one's AMLC token holdings.

A key highlight of this Scheme is its strong resemblance to how fixed deposits at a bank work, which enables it to offer participants with a product that they are highly familiar with, while generating returns that are way higher than fixed deposits at a bank.

With institutional investors continuing to show interest and confidence in cryptocurrencies as well as Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) gaining popularity, the AMLC Staking Savings Scheme is well-placed to capitalize on the growth of these two key aspects of the blockchain economy.

In addition, the AMLC Staking Savings Plan would serve as a launch pad for upcoming DeFi products and platforms that are being developed, as well as establish a robust ecosystem that is centered upon the AMLC Token.

Upcoming developments of note include the launch of products that would enable the use of stablecoins for staking as well as the obtaining of a Class 4 cryptocurrency license in Malta by Ascendancy Management Limited which would enable the company to offer a wide range of blockchain related products and services, including custodial services.

This would in turn build up the AMLC token's ecosystem, thereby enhancing the token's value and enabling it to play a leading role in the digital economy of the future.

Ascendancy Management Limited's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jusuf Kalla, stated, "The launch of the AMLC Staking Savings Scheme ahead of schedule shows that there is tremendous market demand for staking-related products and services. As such growth in this area will remain strong for the foreseeable future."

He further added that, "We have every intention of capitalizing on this growth opportunity through continuous product innovation and development through the roll-out of the AMLC Staking Savings Scheme in collaboration with IDXA Exchange."

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