Amid rising fuel prices, wedding procession uses bullock carts to reach venue in UP's Deoria

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Groom, 'baratis' ride bullock carts to reach wedding venue 35 Kms away in UP's Deoria on Sunday. [Photo/ANI]
Groom, 'baratis' ride bullock carts to reach wedding venue 35 Kms away in UP's Deoria on Sunday. [Photo/ANI]

Deoria (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 21 (ANI): To keep the traditions and customs alive, curb pollution and amid rising fuel prices a marriage procession in Uttar Pradesh's Deoria was taken out on bullock carts on Sunday.

The groom and the 'baratis' rode bullock carts to reach the wedding venue in Pakri Bazar from his home in Kushari village, a distance of 35-km.

Speaking to reporters, Chhote Lal Pal, the groom said, "I always wanted that my marriage procession should go on bullock carts because vehicles cause pollution and this has been the old tradition. Our new generation does not know about it and those who know have forgotten them. Our ancestors used to take out marriage processions on bullock carts. To keep these traditions alive, I thought my marriage procession will go on bullock carts. We are travelling to Pakri Bazar from my home in Kushari village, which is a distance of around 35-km."

Byas Sahni, a barati said, "The intention is keeping the customs and tradition alive which people have forgotten. You already know the cost of petrol and diesel is touching the skies. This will not only cut costs but also help in curbing pollution and at the same time remind people of the ages of tradition. This is one of the unique marriage processions. Everybody is coming to see the procession. They are shooting it on their phones. It has become the talk of the village."

"We were thinking that in these times of inflation, we should control the costs and at the same time follow the customs which have been followed since ages," added Tabarak, another barati. (ANI)

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