American Woman Shares Her Experience of Working as Make-Up Artist For Dead

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You might have heard about many bizarre professions, but have you heard about a makeup artist for dead bodies? It might sound like something unreal but an American woman has revealed that she works as a makeup artist for the dead and beautifies the faces of the dead bodies with cosmetic products. A woman named Fawn Monique Dellavalle from the United States recently spoke about her experience of working in the profession.

Fawn, who originally belongs to Pennsylvania, now lives in California for his work. She said that she started off her career as a regular makeup artist but later moved to work on the makeup of dead bodies. She added that there has been a sharp rise in the demand for cosmologists in recent years as people think that it’s a virtue to get make-up done on the dead. While Monique was never trained for the job she started working in this profession after she received a call from a funeral home.

And this is not just limited to regular make-up, Monique also gives a new hairstyle and often does manicures for the dead to get them ready for their final journey.

However, some people also find it an odd job and tend to get scared when Monique tells them about her job profile. She also offers packages that include regular make-up along with other services. Monique added that she tries to bring calm to the face of the dead person using her skills.

While it may sound like an alien topic to many, in 2018, when actress Sridevi had passed away and her body was kept at her residence, many were left surprised by the glow on her face despite the body being kept in a mortuary for many days. It was later revealed that make-up was applied to her face.

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