In America, we have freedom of religion. Keep God off Tarrant County tax bills | Opinion

Many Texans do not worship God

My Tarrant County tax bill again arrived emblazoned in three places with “In God We Trust.” Particularly annoying is that it is on the envelope in which I am to return my payment. When it comes to religion, it is time for government entities to respect the views of about 30% of the adult population who are “nones” — atheists, agnostics and those who believe in “nothing in particular.”

Of course, I can use my “In REASON We Trust” stamp to cross it out on the envelope, but I shouldn’t have to. It is past time for the tax office to recognize that its purpose is to collect taxes and not promote a religious agenda.

- David Roll, Colleyville

Let cops drive squad cars home

Yes, Fort Worth police officers can drive a squad car home (Dec. 7, 1A, “Taxpayers footing bill for hours-long police, fire commutes”). On the clock or not, that officer on the road is on duty, available to assist or help en route.

If you bring all the city cars in, where would you like them parked? Don’t worry about minor wear and tear and a few gallons of gas. Surely there are bigger problems in Fort Worth for the City Council to address.

- Gail Tidwell, Fort Worth

Don’t be so sure it’s Trump vs. Biden

I read with great interest Ryan Rusak’s column about the Ron DeSantis-Gavin Newsom debate on Fox News (Dec. 3, Page C4, “DeSantis vs. Newsom shows why we’re stuck with Trump, Biden”). I wouldn’t be so quick to state it that way. It’s a long way to the November election. Another possible contender is Robert F. Kennedy, who has the advantage of great name recognition.

Newsom displayed a certain smugness but does have some charisma. DeSantis seems to display a certain honesty and awareness of the issues that concern the American people.

Anything can happen between now and November that could surprise all of us.

- Angela Benvenuto, Arlington

Texas, get with the times on gambling

Texas is behind the times. We constantly pour money into neighboring states for gambling (Dec. 1, Page 13A, “Is Fort Worth ready as Cuban chases casino for Dallas?”). Allowing casinos would be the start of keeping people and money here. This would help build Texas as it becomes more heavily populated and underdeveloped. Come on, Texans, let’s make this happen.

- David Collins, Whitney

Stop suing firms for what people do

This country is lawsuit happy, and it’s totally ridiculous. Lawsuits against the gun companies and pharmaceutical companies for making products that we purchase are not necessary (Dec. 5, Page 5A, “Supreme Court questions Sackler shield in Purdue opioid pact”). The people who purchase the product are solely responsible for their actions.

Remington and Purdue Pharma didn’t kill anyone. We’re shutting down these companies for the stupidity of other people’s actions. They didn’t put guns or drugs into your hands or make you swallow a drug. Next, it will be knife companies for stabbings or automobile makers for drunken driving.

- Becki Hutchison, Fort Worth

Nazis stand for what U.S. fights

There has been much animosity over symbols of the Confederacy, removing statues and prohibiting the display of the flag that symbolized the South’s withdrawal from the Union. These relics have been regarded as signs of oppression, while others dismiss them as part of our nation’s history and a reminder of what should never happen again.

The American Nazi Party and the swastikas worn on uniforms as they march are signs not only of oppression but also genocide. Our country was paramount in stopping this hate and should continue to do so. What the swastika stands for is what America fights against.

- Tom Fegan, North Richland Hills