Amber Tamblyn Criticized For Complaint About Hasidic Jews

ActressAmber Tamblynfaces backlash after Tweeting that Hasidic Jews in New York City are targeting her.

The former “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” star wrote Sunday that a Hasidic man in a van attempted to hit her in Brooklyn as she pushedher babyin a stroller.

But it was her follow-up post that sparked the controversy. Tamblyn wrote that “this is not the first time a man from the Hasidic community in NYC has attempted to harm me or other women I know. Any woman riding a bike through South Williamsburg can attest.”

Whilesomepeople on Twitter agreed with her, others interpreted her complaint as an unnecessary generalized attack on Hasidic Jews.

Neither Tamblyn nor a rep immediately responded to HuffPost’s requests for comment.

The actress defended herself in a tweet of support to a man who said thathe, too, had been targeted by Hasidic Jews. Tamblyn, whose husband, actor David Cross,was raised Jewish, wrote she “will not be bullied or intimidated by anyone who wants to twist my words.”

HuffPost wasn’t able to immediately get word from the NYPD on whether Tamblyn had filed a complaint about the van driver.

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