Amazon's palm-reading tech is being tested in Panera cafes

The technology also works for MyPanera loyalty points.


Amazon One's palm-reading technology that can substitute for credit cards and tickets is now available for Panera customers. With this new partnership, the fast casual chain becomes the first national restaurant to let diners use their palm for payments and loyalty points.

To purchase food, customers will first need to link their MyPanera membership with an Amazon One account. This removes the need to hand over a phone number at the checkout, which traditionally provided the server with available rewards. Palm scans can be used to access loyalty rewards, for payment, or for both.

One of the reasons Panera is excited about the prospect of introducing Amazon One in stores is the ability to get to know its customers better. The company claims that being able to identify customers at the checkout will allow servers to recognize names and also their favorite orders, turning "the guest experience into a true and meaningful relationship." Yes, next time you want a "You pick two" you're going to have to make a friend first. Good luck.

Amazon One launched in 2020 and has since expanded into a slew of Whole Foods stores (owned by Amazon) and concert venues. Artists and activists pushed back about the planned move into sports and music events, claiming the technology could provide personal data to government agencies.

As well as announcing the new partnership, Amazon also confirmed it's now allowing customers to pre-enroll in Amazon One. Panera says Amazon One is already available in two St Louis locations, but has plans to roll it out more widely in the coming months.