Amazon vs. Walmart: Which Has Better Deals in Summer 2022?

Twin Design / / James R. Martin / Shutterstock
Twin Design / / James R. Martin / Shutterstock

This year has been a struggle for many retailers, with inflation forcing consumers to make tough choices about how to spend their money — especially when it comes to non-essentials. But they continue to turn to Walmart and Amazon for their shopping needs, as both retail giants reported second-quarter revenues this summer that were rosier than many expected.

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Part of what drew shoppers to Walmart was the price cuts installed to clear inventory. And this summer, many consumers have gone to their devices to answer the burning question: Does Walmart or Amazon have better deals?

GOBankingRates wondered the same thing and did some research that showed that on the same or comparable items, Walmart usually came out ahead on pricing. We looked at pricing on non-food items that people often buy in summer, but can use well into fall and beyond, to determine which retailer had the lowest prices.

Some of the eight items highlighted are essentials and some might be on the wish list, but they give a picture of the results of the Walmart vs. Amazon price war.

XL Twin Sheets

Families with kids heading to college often have extra-long twin sheets on their shopping lists at this time each summer. Those fit the beds in college dorm rooms, and parents will need to buy a couple of sets at least once while their kids live in dorms.

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Amazon has its Amazon Basics microfiber sheet set with 14-inch-deep pockets available for $14.99. They come in lots of solids and patterns — plenty of options to display your own style or coordinate with a roommate.

Walmart counters with its own house brand, Mainstays, which also offers a four-piece microfiber XL twin set. The Mainstays offering also will fit 14-inch mattresses, and you can choose from 16 solids and prints. At $9.44 per set, you’ll save $5 each at Walmart.

Folding Chair

Everyone needs a good outdoor folding chair, either for sitting around the fire pit or taking to a youth baseball game. Both Walmart and Amazon have options. At Walmart, the Ozark Trail Oversized Quad Camping Chair, priced at $14.98, should fit the need. So would Amazon’s Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair, which costs $3 more than the Amazon model.

Canopy Tent

Host some friends in the shade in the backyard in the summer, then set up your canopy tent in the fall for an epic football tailgate party. You’ll find a lot of uses for the white steel pop-up 10-foot-by-10-foot canopy tent. It’s easy to use with a quick setup and comes with a carry bag. Walmart wins the price war with Amazon, with models at $45 and $66, while Amazon’s offering is $69.99.

Car Vacuum

When Amazon has a sale, it does it right — and in this instance, your car benefits. Amazon has the ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner on sale for $29.99 — with a “50% off” coupon on top of that — for a current selling price of $14.99. At Walmart, you’ll find the same one for $32.99. The convenient vacuum has a 16-foot cord for even the biggest vehicles, three attachments and a carry bag.


Trip planned? It might be time to upgrade your suitcase. The Amazon Basics 21-inch hardside spinner suitcase costs $86.54 and is available in black, navy blue, bright blue or orange. Expand it for up to 15% more packing space if you need it, plus it has three zippered packets to put smaller items. Buyers like it, with more than 34,000 weighing in to give the bag 4.6 stars out of five.

Walmart counters with the SwissTech Excursion 21-inch hardside rolling spinner. Priced at $64, it’s available in maroon. It includes a 2-inch expansion space, a removable wet bag and built-in compression straps. A Walmart exclusive, it doesn’t have any reviews available on

Computer Monitor

Both Amazon and Walmart sell a 27-inch, three-side virtually borderless, high-definition monitor to make your work-from-home life easier. You’ll save more than $10 at Walmart, where it’s now priced at $149. At Amazon, you’ll pay $159.99.

Picnic Basket

Romantic picnic on the beach? In the park surrounded by fall colors? A first-rate picnic basket would only enhance the ambiance, and Walmart and Amazon have them in stock. On Walmart’s website, take a look at the California complete picnic set, which has ceramic plates, stainless-steel silverware, two wine glasses, two cotton napkins and a bottle opener.

Amazon offers the Jolly Home picnic basket for two with all the same features, plus an insulated cooler. The add-on in the Walmart set is a picnic blanket. The products are similar but have a big price difference: $45.97 at Walmart, $63.99 at Amazon.


Men’s white crew socks are the most basic of accessories, and Walmart and Amazon have a big selection of both. In comparing the same item — a 12-pack of Hanes men’s X-temp Cushioned Crew Socks — you’ll find decent prices at both, but better at Amazon. The online giant has the socks on sale for just below $14, with Walmart selling them for $17.48. That’s a difference of 30 cents per pair.

In many products reviewed, the prices were very similar. Whether the items are identical or comparable, it pays to read the customer reviews and look for any hidden nuggets in the product description to help you decide how you’ll spend your hard-earned money.

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