Amazon Shoppers Say These $9 Rollers Give Hair "Amazing Volume and Bounce" Without Heat-Styling

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No bobby pins needed.

Achieving maximum volume and bounce on hair that refuses to hold a curl is an art. Many hair enthusiasts have discovered that while you can curl your hair with a blow dryer or a curling iron, you have to set it if you want those curls to last all day — or even all week. And the easiest way to achieve that is the old-school method of using roller sets like Conair's Assorted Self-Grip Hair Rollers.

Designed to create lift and add volume, the set of 31 rollers come in multiple sizes that range from 2- to ½-inch diameter options. These rollers can be used on wet or dry hair, with or without styling lotion or gel, and don’t leave any indentation marks. Best of all: With a grippy texture on the outside of these rollers, you don't need clips or bobby pins to hold them in place — they stay put on their own.



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I’ve found that if you want long-lasting results from your curls, a good rule of thumb is to put the rollers in on freshly washed hair. It takes a few hours for hair to dry by itself, so for fastest results, you can sit with them under a hair dryer or sleep in them (BTW, these self-gripping foam rollers are a more comfortable option for overnight wear). Another pro tip: Choose the size of your rollers according to the length of your hair and how big you want your curls to be. These rollers are great for providing heatless volume on their own, but if you aren't ready to let go of your curling iron, use them after heat-styling to set your curls while they cool — this will stretch out their longevity.

The hair rollers have over 5,600 five-star ratings from shoppers who’ve said they get "amazing volume and bounce" after use. The same reviewer shared that the resulting "curls are gorgeous" and that the rollers "give you salon-quality hair." A 67-year-old reviewer got "lots of volume" and "perfect curls" using the Conair rollers. And a final shopper said they "haven't used heat on [their] hair in six months" even though "it looks like [they've gotten] a blowout every day." The shopper also shared that after putting in their rollers, their hair is "set for the week."

You deserve curls that will last through the end of the day, and with Conair's Self-Grip Hair Rollers, you can make it happen for $9 on Amazon. 

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