Amazon accidentally leaks awesome-looking 'Mario Kart' Hot Wheels collab | Gaming Roundup

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This week in racing game news:

Amazon spilled the beans on a new 'Mario Kart' Hot Wheels set

Earlier this week, it looked like there was a surprise new Mario Kart Hot Wheels set available for pre-order on Amazon. As it turns out, though, Amazon jumped the gun a bit. As reported by IGN, the Rainbow Road-inspired set was mistakenly listed and will instead by available sometime later this summer. The set looks like a fun one, with seemingly modular pieces that can be arranged in long downward slides or quick turns. As far as actual racers go, according to the Amazon listing (still live right here) it will include one Mario racer and, curiously, one King Boo racer. Other racers will have to be bought separately.

"The Crew 2" has launched Episode 1 of its second season

"The Crew 2" is an awesome open-world driving game that continues to put out new content more than two years after its initial release. We've played the game several times on our weekly livestream, Tuesdays at 2 p.m. EST, and we can attest firsthand that it's already packed with tons of cars, challenges, and races. Now, though, with the launch of Season 2, the game is adding a new stunt game mode, new convertibles, new themed vanities, a new motorpass with 50 new tiers to unlock, new events and more. You can check out the trailer for the Season 2 Episode 1 of "The Crew 2," called "The Agency," just below.