It’s amazing to watch this service dog helping his little human with juvenile diabetes

Girl's service dog helps with her diabetes

There’s not much that we can all, collectively, agree on as a human species, despite all of our myriad differences, but one of them is this: We don’t deserve dogs. And this remarkable TikTok video is a good reminder of why — it shows a little girl’s service dog, Spy, getting up in the middle of the night to alert her family that she needs help because of an emergency related to her juvenile diabetes.

The video was posted by the little girl’s mom, who wrote in the caption, “The nose ALWAYS knows! Even when it’s sleeping.”

Over the video, she added, “This is our daughter’s medical alert dog who came downstairs after they’d been asleep awhile to tell us something was wrong.”

In the video, we see that Mom and Dad had been watching TV. The pup appears in front of them, clearly trying to get their attention.

“What is it, baby?” you can hear the mom asking as Spy, clearly worried, shakes his head back and forth, paces across the room, and finally, leads both parents upstairs to their daughter’s bedroom, where she’s still fast asleep.

More text over the video explains that the little girl’s blood sugar monitor was charging, but they weren’t worried because they had given her insulin and changed her pump just an hour earlier. Still, because Spy was alerting, they woke her up to test her blood sugar.

“Obviously something was wrong, Spy was telling us, so we needed to check,” the text over the video reads. “This dog is such a blessing to our family. We truly can’t be more thankful.”

After testing, the family learned that the little girl’s blood sugar wasn’t low, but was in fact, too high. Spy did his job and alerted them to a problem that needed to be fixed — and potentially prevented worse problems that may have happened had her too-high blood sugar gone untreated all night.

Now I’ll BRB while I go hug every dog in my life.