'He Was Always Unfit for Office': Opposition Blast Johnson as Resignation Expected

Shadow chancellor Angela Rayner told the Commons Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “always unfit for office” on July 7, as reports indicated Johnson was preparing to resign as party leader, but hoping to stay on as PM until the autumn.

Referring to Johnson’s reported intention to stay as caretaker, Rayner asked, “How many more months of chaos does this country have to endure?”

“Who on earth will join the Prime Minister’s government now? How will a half-empty cabinet run the country until October?”

It was reported on Thursday morning that Johnson would resign, despite declaring on Wednesday that he would stay in the post.

Fifty-nine Conservative MPs, including former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, have resigned since Tuesday evening. Credit: parliamentlive.tv via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Angela Rayner.

ANGELA RYNER: I hate to break it to the minister, but we don't have a functioning government. It will be good news for the country that the prime minister is to announce his resignation. He was always unfit for office.

He has overseen scandal, fraud, and waste on an industrial scale. But the chaos of the last three days is more than just petty Tory infighting. These actions, Mr. Speaker, have serious consequences for the running of our country in the middle of the deepest cost of living crisis of a generation, with families unable to make ends meet, a dangerous war in Europe threatening our borders, and a possible trade crisis in Northern Ireland.

Britain has no functioning government. No ministers in place to pass legislation, build committees canceled, with no one to run them. The prime minister has said he will stay on as caretaker.

How many more months of chaos does this country have to endure. With dozens of ministerial posts unfilled, who on Earth will join the prime minister's government now? And how will a half empty cabinet run the country until October? Mr. Speaker, they will try desperately to change the person at the top, but it's the same old Tory party in government.

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