Alphageneron to Participate in Cell Therapy Durability Response Summit

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Alphageneron Pharmaceuticals
Alphageneron Pharmaceuticals

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alphageneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Alphageneron” or the “Company”), a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing a diverse platform of cell and antibody-based therapeutic candidates to treat cancer, announced today that their Chief Executive Officer, Robert K. Brooks, JD, will participate in the Cell Therapy Durability Response Summit that will be held August 22-23, 2022.  

Mr. Brooks is scheduled to talk on August 23rd at 9:30am ET on the topic “Clinical trial of an autologous non-modified NK cell therapy targeting membrane Hsp70 in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (‘NSCLC’),” followed by a panel discussion at 10:10am, and will host investor meetings at the conference through August 22 to 23rd, 2022. To register visit

NK cells are cytotoxic lymphocytic cells, critical to our innate immune system. Membrane Hsp70 (‘mHsp70’) is a cancer biomarker, highly expressed on the cellular membrane of a wide range of cancers, not on normal cells. ENKASTIM™ is an autologous cell therapy that activates the patient’s NK cells to kill cancer cells.

Alphageneron’s upcoming planned Phase IIa Open Label Combination Clinical Trial will administer ENKASTIM™, and an anti-PD (L)-1 checkpoint inhibitor, after standard of care (SOC), with advanced (stage IV) metastatic NSCLC patients at clinical sites in the United States.

ENKASTIM™ has shown promising signs of clinical benefit and safety in solid tumors in two prior completed clinical trials, and in numerous animal studies, in Germany. A prior Phase I clinical trial involving twelve (12) patients administered ENKASTIM™, after SOC, with metastatic colorectal cancer and NSCLC patients demonstrated no toxicity and signs of efficacy. A prior Phase IIa (randomized, controlled) clinical trial involving fourteen (14) patients with advanced (Stage IIIb) inoperable NSCLC was conducted. Patients were screened first with a patented Companion Diagnostic, a Liquid Biopsy Test/ELISA blood test that measures exosome levels of membrane bound Hsp70 with a simple blood test. In the Treated group of seven (7) patients whom received ENKASTIM™ after radio-chemotherapy SOC, five (5) patients had a clinical benefit, (Clinical Benefit Rate or CBR of 71%), including a Complete Response (CR) and Partial Response (PR). By comparison, in the Control group of seven (7) patients whom received only radio-chemotherapy SOC, only two (2) patients had a clinical benefit, (CBR of 28%), no CR.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for men and women worldwide. In 2020, an estimated 1.8 million people died worldwide from the disease (source NSCLC accounts for about 85% of all lung cancers.

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Alphageneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., is a privately-held clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing autologous and allogeneic NK cells, Chimeric Antigen Receptor (‘CAR’) NK cells, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) CAR NK cells, antibody Engagers, and Antibody Drug Conjugate therapeutic candidates, and supported by companion diagnostics.

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