Alliance of American Football releases salary details

The AAF is coming. (via AAF)

The Alliance of American Football — you know, the NFL competitor that’s not the new XFL — has announced its plans for player contracts and assignments. The league starts next February, so it’s high time to start talking staffing. Let’s dive in.

How much will AAF players get, and where will they play?

AAF founder Bill Polian, an ESPN analyst, gave ESPN (imagine that!) the details on player salaries for the nascent league. Players will get three-year, non-guaranteed contracts worth $250,000, along with health insurance and an education stipend.

The league will target players who haven’t made the NFL or the Canadian Football League, and will assign players to teams based on their college or pro affiliation. Former SEC players will play in Memphis, Atlanta, or Birmingham, for example.

“Each of our teams will have at least five colleges whose players become theirs, four designated NFL teams and a CFL team that is assigned,” Polian told ESPN.

The idea, obviously, is to goose interest in the AAF by giving fans a chance to watch their favorite college players one more time. Plus, as Polian notes, it’s not like Birmingham will run the table by creating Alabama version 2.0; the best Tide players will be in the NFL.

You could play in the AAF!

The AAF is hosting a series of combines in August to start vetting players. Think you’ve got what it takes? And do you have $175? Give it a go! Here’s the hype video:

The AAF is planning for teams in Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and San Diego. The league has already roped in notable names like Brad Childress, Steve Spurrier, Mike Singletary, and Michael Vick to coach, and before long, it’ll apparently have some notable non-NFL names on the roster.
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