Alexandra students back on stage with adaptation of Snow White

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The world is finally a stage again for drama students at Alexandra Middle School.

A group of more than 30 staff and students joined together for the adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Snow White. Although not open to the general public due to health restrictions, there are eight shows all together, wrapping up this weekend.

Shelby Carlson is a teacher at AMS and director of the play.

“I was hired on earlier this year and brought in to start up a drama program and I have loved every moment of it since,” said Carlson. “It’s been the first production that Alexander has done in a while that’s actually been able to get off the ground, which is awesome to see.”

Carlson said she started looking for plays as soon as she was hired.

“Snow White stuck out to me because I wasn’t sure who I would have talent-wise, and these guys have done unreal, just a spectacular job with their roles.”

Some of the cast and crew joined Carlson for the interview with the News, including the Evil Queen and Snow White herself.

Tiff Clemis-Love is a Grade 9 student at AMS. She is playing Gloomy Gus, one of the seven dwarves.

“This is basically just our version of it because it was originally a book and then Disney adapted it,” said Clemis-Love. “We’re adapting it from a combination of the two.”

Grem Hillson is also in Grade 9. She is the Evil Queen in the production and helped with makeup.

She said, “The most exciting thing is just being out there again.”

When asked about some of the adaptations, Hillson commented that, “the prince in this one is actually age-appropriate and not a 30-year-old man who kisses a sleeping 14-year-old girl in the forest.”

Maddy Earle, Grade 8, is working as the stage manager and says she is enjoying her role backstage.

“I’ve done little productions before, but this is the first time where I’m not actually acting,” said Earle. “I get this role backstage where I get to do all these fun things with props and moving things.”

Janessa Jackson is in Grade 7 and was cast as Snow White. She says she is both nervous and excited about the production.

“For me, this is my first big production, so getting the main role was really nice and making all these friends, like the entire cast and stage managers,” said Jackson. “We’re really close and I can talk to them about stuff, which is really nice to have.”

Carlson applauded the cast and crew for their continuous hard work. She also said the involvement of the staff and students in the art program has been a welcome collaboration for set design and work on the program.

“We’re really trying to fuse the two together to build up AMS’s arts programs.”

Student Jill Hilton created the artwork for the poster and program, Mrs. Jill Miller was the costume designer and Mrs. Kimara White co-directed and designed the set.

Carlson says while the performances are unfortunately closed to the public, “we’re hoping by next year that our doors are open and we’re able to do another stellar performance. It’s just been nice to give the kids an opportunity to be kids again after everything.”

LAUREN THOMSON, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News

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