Alexandra Daddario Shares Her Secret to a Perfect Holiday-Ready, Kiss-Proof Red Lip

Mistletoe not included.

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‘Tis the season to be cozy. So says Alexandra Daddario. Yes, this time of year may be equal parts sugar-coated and stressful, but the former White Lotus resident and red lip aficionado has nailed the routines (beauty, travel, fashion, and otherwise) that make the holiday season as comfortable — and stylish! — as possible.

Her hack for the perfect holiday lip? “Go for a deep red,” Daddario says. (More on that below.) A glimpse into what she’s baking this season? “Gluten-free brownies and muffins … everyone in the household eats them.” (That too.)  Her trick to staying sane while buying gifts and traveling with her family? The new Hilton Honors American Express credit cards, which the companies are co-launching just in time for the holidays.



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“One of the great things about traveling and staying at Hilton and using your Amex card is that you get more points every time you use it,” spokeswoman Daddario says of the new launch. “They've bumped up the points so you can travel more, you can get more free stays, and get more travel in. It all works together to make traveling a lot easier.”

As for how to make traveling during the holidays physically easier, Daddario has a tip for that, too. “Pack light,” she says. “I try to [bring] as little as possible. When I’m lugging bags around and trying to pack up a hotel — especially if I’m going to multiple destinations — I get so overwhelmed. So, I think if you plan a trip, you have to really pack very carefully.”

A few must-haves that always make their way into Daddario’s luggage? A sleeping mask, a slouchy button-down, and that aforementioned deep red lip, courtesy of Dior. “The deeper the red, the better,” the actress says of her perfect shade. “I have people help me pick out red lips sometimes for red carpets, and they'll show me three different shades and I always go with the deepest red. Dior makes an amazing long-lasting lipstick. If you fell asleep, it wouldn't come off. In the morning, your lips would be the same.”



She adds, “It's incredible. You can eat and drink and probably make out with someone and your lip will stay on.” Don’t mind us adding one to our carts and making a beeline for the mistletoe.

Read on for Daddario’s go-to room service order, her secret to being the best-dressed person at any holiday party, and the White Lotus cast member she’d love to be OOO with.

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What’s your never-fail travel outfit?

Well, I'm like everyone else, I wear sweatpants and a really cozy T-shirt or sweatshirt. Now, it's getting cold, so I always have a nice coat and I always wear a sleeping mask.

Once you land and get settled, what’s your room service order?

Depends on the time of day, if they're serving breakfast or not. But I love soup. I'm always ordering soup and I always ask if they can just make me rice off-menu.

What’s your favorite dish to make at home for the holidays?

I have this cookbook and I've been making gluten-free treats for everyone. They're always gone in two days, because everyone in the household eats them. And you can't even tell they're gluten-free, so even the kids eat them sometimes.

What are your tips for being the best-dressed person at any holiday party?

I think it's just about wearing what you love. Don't dress for other people. Just dress for yourself and put something on that makes [you] feel gorgeous. I really think that during the holidays, you can get away with being a little bit more over-the-top and no one will judge you. You don't need to be conventional, especially for New Year's Eve and all the parties coming up. Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous that you get to play with. [The holidays are] a really playful time.



What makes you feel the most confident?

It depends. I love to put on a gorgeous dress or a really fun sequin dress. I love to get dressed up, but when I'm on my own, I'll tuck a button-up into sweatpants or jeans and then put a lot of jewelry on. I really like to be sort of cozy.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two years since your season of White Lotus aired. What are you hoping to see from the next installment? Would you be interested in returning to the series?

I love working with Mike [White]. I'd always go back if it made sense and he had a good idea. I just want to see what he has in store. He's such a genius and everything is so wild and you never know what to expect. I just want to see more of the same.

What was one of your favorite memories from filming?

[Filming during the pandemic] was such a weird time — so I know the second season was a really different experience [from] the first season — but it was fun always having everyone there to support you. We were stuck there together, and that was a really unique and special experience that I won't have again. God willing, I won't have and, hopefully, there won't be another pandemic.

If you could go on vacation with anyone from the most recent season of White Lotus, who would it be?

Well, I'd love to go with Aubrey Plaza anywhere.

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