Alexandra Burke and boyfriend sleeping in separate beds following birth of second child

Alexandra Burke has opened up about the reality of being a new mum-of-two (Getty Images)
Alexandra Burke has opened up about the reality of being a new mum-of-two (Getty Images)

Alexandra Burke has revealed that she and her fiancé Darren Randolph are sleeping in separate beds following the birth of their second child.

Burke and Randolph welcomed their second bundle of joy in September having announced they were expecting again in April, nine months after the arrival of their first child.

The former X Factor winner, 35, recalled having a conversation with her football player other half early doors of her second pregnancy and while it didn't go down well, circumstances changed further, with Randolph transferring to AFC Bournemouth, meaning he was then based two hours away from the family home.

Speaking on the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast, she explained: "I got pregnant again so that meant 'Baby's coming soon...what are we gonna do, hun? I want this baby in the bed with me and I wanna sleep with the baby...I think you should go to the floor or the next room!'"

"Long story short, I remember saying to Darren "I think you should sleep in another room, and I think I should have both babies in the bed with me." But he said we couldn't do that. And anyway, it turned out, he moved teams and he now lives two hours away. So in fact, I'm by myself and he comes home once a week."

The Bad Boys singer continued: "It's really tough because I'm trying to get my time with him, but I know he needs to get his time with the kids.

"And so I pull back. I go 'No, do you, go softplay, I'll sit with the newborn, you go with the eldest go and play and do what you want to do.'"

Another area Burke, who is also a bona fide West End star, has admitted to struggling with is juggling her own career with motherhood.

"I'm struggling to juggle it, if I'm honest. Kids do change things, it is really tough. It's really tough.

"There were times when I was about to go on stage, and I can't remember what venue I was in, and my first born was crying and they're like 'curtain needs to go up' and I was like 'I need to feed the baby'. I said 'Hold the show'.

"The pressure I had and felt to get my a**e on that stage. I said 'You may (as) well just let me feed the baby because I'm crying on stage', and you couldn't open the show because I was standing there crying.

"And as much as everyone was like 'the baby will be fine, it will be fine'. But I'm their mum and I felt such guilt, and I still hold that guilt.

"It's not like even the baby remembers, but I won't forget that."