Alex Trebek shades 'Jeopardy!' champion for disrespecting Big Bird

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Returning Jeopardy! champion Lisa Mueller really liked writing to shows and celebrities when she was a child. But a letter she once penned to Sesame Street‘s Big Bird ruffled Alex Trebek‘s feathers.

As a child, Mueller had written Big Bird saying, “My third favorite color is yellow, just like you are.” That apparently didn’t go over so well, as the Sesame Street people took it as a backhanded compliment.

Mueller added that she also drew pictures of her bunnies on the letter. “Which I kinda lied to them, I guess, because I didn’t actually have bunnies, but I just wanted to draw some bunnies,” she said.

Somewhat confused by Mueller’s story, Trebek asked the audience, “You get the feeling that our current champion is a little weird?” Mueller’s jaw dropped at his question.

“Oh, give me the look?” Trebek said. “You disrespected Big Bird. You’re lucky to be here.” After the commercial break, Trebek joked, “Our champion, Lisa Mueller, told me that when she leaves Jeopardy! she is going to write me a very long letter.”

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