Alex Rodriguez shares hilarious video with daughter Ella at an Olivia Rodrigo concert

Alex Rodriguez has shared a hilarious video of him and his 15-year-old daughter, Ella, at Olivia Rodrigo’s concert.

The former MLB star, 48, took to Instagram to share the footage of his family, as he attended Rodrigo’s concert in Miami on Wednesday, which was a part of her Guts world tour. After the text over the video read: “POV: Life as a Teenager’s Dad”, he went on to film himself and Ella inside the Kaseya Center. He then expressed some of his candid thoughts about being at the show.

“All right I’ve been filming all day, I’ve never been more tired. Now I’m at a Rodrigo,” he said to the camera, before Ella clarified the singer’s name, saying: “Olivia Rodrigo.”

While he continued to walk into the concert, he once again expressed how tired he was and poked fun at the different fans he was surrounded by.

“[I’m at] an Olivia Rodrigo concert surrounded by 22,000 teenage girls and all I want to do is go to sleep,” he said. “Oh man, here we got. Here goes nothing. Wish me luck, Rodrigo we go!”

The video continued with Rodriguez filming his daughter singing in the audience, as Rodrigo was performing her hit song, “Vampire”. He then acknowledged how he was enjoying the concert, as the text over the video read: “Rodrigo is pretty good TBH.”

In the caption, Rodriguez wrote: “Props @oliviarodrigo… I won’t mess up your name next time.”

Fans went to the comments to acknowledge how they could relate to Rodriguez’s video, while also quipping about how the young fans at the event may not have known who he is.

“To all those girls you’re just another dad,” one wrote, while another added: “To all those girls you’re just another dad.”

Mario Lopez also wrote: “Been there. I get it…”

Many people also praised the former Yankee player for accompanying Ella to the concert in the first place, with one writing: “The best dad a girl can ask for.”

Another added: “You’re a cool dad ! Happy memories for your girls.”

Along with Ella, Rodriguez also shares a 19-year-old daughter, Natasha, with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. Over the years, the former athlete has spoken candidly about his relationship with his daughters. Speaking to E! News in October, he said that he has conversations with his daughters about dating, noting that “they’re very, very open”.

After explaining that his daughters “have a curfew” when out on dates, he added that he “waits outside for them” when it’s time for them to come home. He also acknowledged that his daughters’ dates have been surprised to see him standing at the door of his house, adding: “It has happened!”

Speaking to the publication, Rodriguez also detailed how much he values his quality time with his children, explaining they get together every Saturday morning to discuss “whatever happened during the week”.

“We review it and whatever we’re talking about stays there,” he said at the time. “Because I’ve been so honest with them, they’ve given it right back to me – and that’s pretty cool. You can’t BS your children.”