Alex Holder Now Has ‘2 Armed Guards’ That Follow Him Around Everywhere (Video)

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Alex Holder Now Has ‘2 Armed Guards’ That Follow Him Around Everywhere (Video)

Reflecting on how his life has changed in the days since being subpoenaed by the committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, “Unprecedented” documentarian Alex Holder told BBC World News that he now employs two armed guards for protection.

“My life changed about a week ago, and now I literally have two armed guards outside the studio right now that follow me around everywhere,” he said. “According to some, I’m an undercover FBI agent; some think I’m an MI6 spy; and there’s all sorts of conspiracies and threats that are coming through.”

There has been a growing concern for the safety of witnesses testifying during the Jan. 6 committee hearings – particularly those who provide evidence against former president Donald Trump. As recently as this week, the committee’s vice chairwoman Liz Cheney expressed worry for Cassidy Hutchinson following her explosive fly-on-the-wall testimony.

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Still, Holder, whose two-part documentary covering the final weeks of the Trump White House is coming to Discovery+, says that he’ll continue complying with any and all subpoenas that come through. “I seem to be collecting subpoenas at the moment in America,” he joked, citing a recent request from Georgia’s attorney general.

“At the end of the day, I’m going to comply and do whatever I need to do to work with any subpoena or anything that comes to me in a lawful manner – of course I’ll do it and tell the truth. I’ve got nothing to hide, and that’s it. I record history, and I’ll provide any committee or investigation what they need for them to do their investigation.”

Watch a clip of the BBC interview in the video above.

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