‘Alert: Missing Persons Unit’ Is Starting Off Season 2 With a High-Stakes Bus Hijacking | Exclusive

“Alert: Missing Persons Unit” is starting off Season 2 with a crime you typically don’t see on television: a bus hijacking. TheWrap has your first look at the start of “Bus 447,” which premieres on Fox Tuesday at 9/8c p.m.

The clip starts off with a run-of-the-mill bus ride complete with laughing teenage girls and an overprotective father. But it isn’t long before the situation takes a turn for the dire when a masked man concealing a gun makes his way to the driver. As the bus goes into a tunnel, the father confronts the man. Cue a high-stakes brawl as the giant vehicle barrels forward.

Inevitably, it’ll be up to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit to figure out what happened to this bus full of people. Watch the full clip above.

“Alert: Missing Persons Unit” first premiered in January of 2023 as a drama about a former couple that refused to believe their child could be dead. The series followed Jason Grant (Caan) and Nikki Batista (Ramirez), two members of Philadelphia’s Missing Persons Unit, as they tried to find their son Keith. Season 1 spoilers ahead.

In the first season, Jason and Nikki seemingly found Keith, but by the end of the season they realized that the boy pretending to be their son was actually an imposter. That first installment ended with the two finally accepting the overwhelming likelihood that their son is really dead.

Even though Jason and Nikki’s central mystery has been resolved, there are still countless missing persons cases in the state of Pennsylvania. Moving forward, showrunner John Eisendrath told Deadline that he’s “hopeful that every season could have a contained, mysterious, serialized story.” This overarching narrative will work alongside the case-of-the-week format Season 1 utilized.

“Alert: Missing Persons Unit” was created for Fox by Eisendrath and Jamie Foxx. In addition to Caan and Ramirez, the series stars Ryan Broussard, Adeola Role, Graham Verchere and Alisha-Marie Ahamed, who will play a main role in Season 2. New episodes premiere on Fox Tuesdays.

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