Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump on 'SNL,' internet goes wild

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it was only the supermoon in the sky last night, which if you don’t know, is when the full moon is closest to the Earth. This makes it appear huge, and often times red. People all over the world posted incredible photos onto the internet for those who may have missed the spectacle.

Dave in Pittsburgh shared this “amazing” photo of the moon just after sunset.

Others made the supermoon political, as it seems we can never escape politics on the internet.

Carol Burnett was also trending for the 50th anniversary of The Carol Burnett Show, which aired on CBS. The legendary comedian brought a few familiar faces for the special event like Maya Rudolf and Jim Carrey. Vickie Lawrence, who famously played Burnett’s little sister on the series, even stopped by to reminisce about the show. Fans absolutely loved seeing Carol back on television.

To round off the weekend, Saturday Night Live delighted fans with A Christmas Carol parody aimed at President Trump, played by Alec Baldwin. Trump was visited by three ghosts, Michael Flynn, Vladimir Putin, and Hillary Clinton, in a sketch that gained overwhelming reactions on the internet.

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