Aldi's Shells And Cheese Are A Total Velveeta Copycat

shells and cheese in a bowl with cutlery
shells and cheese in a bowl with cutlery - Ezumeimages/Getty Images

Boxed shells and cheese is a quick and easy dinner option that is beloved by children and adults alike. While Velveeta is often considered the gold standard, Aldi brand shells and cheese seemingly give it a run for its money. The Cheese Club brand of boxed shells and cheese also costs far less than its name-brand counterpart, which can help you save money when buying grocery staples for the home.

On the Walmart website, a 12-ounce box of Velveeta Shells & Cheese retails for $3.43. Conversely, Cheese Club Shells & Cheese costs just $1.49 for a 12-ounce box, as listed on the Aldi website. That means you get a quality product for nearly $2 less than the name-brand. Keep in mind that private-label products are less expensive because they eliminate marketing and production costs. As for quality, some private-label brands are actually manufactured by the same companies behind name-brand goods, although this information is not often disclosed. And even if there are different manufacturers, private-label goods typically contain comparable ingredients.

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Lots Of Aldi Fans Praise The Chain's Shells And Cheese

Aldi storefront daytime
Aldi storefront daytime - Jhvephoto/Getty Images

Devotees of Aldi aren't shy about making their thoughts and feelings known on social media when it comes to the chain's branded products. On Facebook, one shopper had high praise for Cheese Club Shells & Cheese, claiming that it bested Velveeta. Per the poster, "Wow. Better than Velveeta!!!!" Others mirrored the sentiment, with one person emphatically stating, "Agreed 100% and half the price!"

As for what makes Aldi's brand better than Velveeta, a commenter believed it had something to do with the sodium content, explaining, "It's not as salty as Velveeta." However, it should be noted that the Aldi brand contains the same amount of sodium as Velveeta at 860 mg. The Cheese Club product does contain a little more saturated fat than Velveeta, which could possibly explain the difference in flavor. Despite these glowing reviews, some consumers aren't satisfied with Aldi's boxed shells and cheese. A few even claimed that the product underwent a change that decreased its quality.

Not Every Shopper Wants To Join Aldi's Cheese Club

A box of Aldi's Cheese Club Shells and Cheese
A box of Aldi's Cheese Club Shells and Cheese - Robert D Brozek/Shutterstock

Aldi customers on Reddit had a few grievances to air regarding the discount grocery store's shells and cheese. As stated by one shopper, "What's with Cheese Club Shells & Cheese? Nasty bitter aftertaste I can't describe." Another commenter concurred, stating, "Mine was gritty and had an awful flavor. I also didn't finish it."

These issues with aftertaste may have resulted from a change in the product, at least according to a Reddit thread discussing the shells and cheese. According to the original poster, "Did anyone notice that Cheese Club [changed] their formula? This used to be my go-to boxed mac, but I recently bought some and it did not taste as good as it used to." Another commenter agreed, claiming, "Yes, recently they tasted different, like a weird aftertaste. Not buying them anymore."

So, what gives? It's true that Aldi does make changes to its products, usually in the interest of quality enhancement. Additionally, the chain isn't very forthcoming about what goes on behind the scenes, so it's not possible to pinpoint any specific change in the recipe. But because lots of people love Cheese Club Shells & Cheese, the product is definitely worth sampling.

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