Aldi's Bakery Has an 'Amazing' Cake That's Perfect for Easter

It’s spiced, iced, and oh-so-nice.


If you’re shopping for Easter treats this year, Aldi will not disappoint. Between its Choceur Bunny Bark and the Emporium Selection Easter Truckle Assortment, this grocer offers plenty for a super sweet (and affordable) holiday.

Aldi has something else to add to your Easter grocery list for ultimate indulgence this season. The returned favorite is a layer cake dressed to impress and will feed a crowd.

Aldi’s Double Layer Carrot Cake by Our Specialty

Aldi recently released its popular Our Specialty Double Layer Carrot Cake for this week's Aldi Finds, just in time for Easter. The 32-ounce carrot cake is made of a spiced cake layered with thick cream cheese frosting and iced carrot decor on top. Plus, it will only cost you $7.99.

Last year, this carrot cake was a hit with Aldi fans. Many were quick to jump on a Reddit thread to express their love for the sweet. One commenter said, "I loved it," while someone else added, "It's amazing! Just bought one for the first time, and I'm definitely going to be buying it in the future."

If you're worried this cake will be too sweet to your liking, fear not, as one commenter said, "My family and I loved it. It was not too sweet. We got another one for Easter."

A review from the Aldi Reviewer even went as far as to claim this carrot cake as "one of the best cakes" ever purchased at the store, thanks to its "moist cake and rich cream cheese frosting" that tastes just as good as it looks.

The cake is only available for a limited time, so if you're craving carrot cake for Easter, you'd better head to your local Aldi fast.

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