Aldi Vs Walmart: Where Should You Buy Your Apples?

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Aldi and Walmart are both supermarket giants with budget-friendly prices, sometimes making it hard to choose which one to shop at for the best deal. Regarding apples, both discount grocery stores offer a wide variety and stellar prices. Whether you should pick Aldi or Walmart for your apples depends on what apple you prefer for snacking or baking. For Gala apples, one of the most popular varieties, you're better off heading to Aldi. Considering that prices vary per location, a 3-pound bag of Freshness Guaranteed Gala apples at Walmart costs $3.86 while the equivalent at Aldi is just $3.75. While that 11 cents might not seem like a big difference, savvy shoppers know that the small savings add up.

If you prefer snacking on the slightly more tart Honeycrisp apple, it's a toss-up between Walmart or Aldi for the lowest price. While Aldi sells a 2-pound bag of Honeycrisps for $3.65, Walmart offers a 3-pound bag for $5.46, both coming in at $1.82 per pound (If you want to get down to brass tacks, Aldi's are higher at $1.83 per pound when rounded). Meanwhile, for a giant 5-pound bag of Red Delicious at Walmart, you'll pay $5.28 (rounded to $1.06 per pound) while you'll pay more per pound for the same variety at Aldi at $3.49 for a 3-pound bag ($1.16 per pound). These are some of the most popular and common types of apples but there are plenty more tasty varieties to compare prices.

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More Aldi Vs. Walmart Apple Prices

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If you like super sweet and crisp Fuji apples, Aldi is the clear winner, offering a 3-pound bag for just $3.65, compared to Walmart's equivalent at $4.36, a whopping 71 cents more. On the other hand, if you need some apples for an apple pie or a chicken and Granny Smith apple salad recipe, you're better off heading to Walmart for a 3-pound bag of Granny Smiths for $3.56. Aldi's equivalent costs 29 cents more at $3.85. Pink Lady apples, another apple that's more on the tart side and perfect for snacking or baking, cost $4.09 for a 3-pound bag at Aldi while Walmart's are pricier at $4.77.

Aldi and Walmart both offer organic varieties of apples that come from trees grown in soil without synthetic substances like pesticides and fertilizers. Organic apples aren't necessarily more nutritious than non-organic and organic food might not always be worth the price but some people prefer the taste of organic apples. Also, research has found that significant exposure to pesticides may lead to an increased risk of autism, ADHD, fertility issues, and cancer. If you are shopping for organic apples, you're better off heading to Walmart for the lower price of $4.38 for a 3-pound bag of organic Gala apples, compared to Aldi's price of $4.75.

Which Budget-Friendly Store Do People Prefer?

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In the great debate between Walmart vs. Aldi, several factors come into play: price, quality, location, and general store atmosphere being among the most debated topics. Redditors responding to the post "Aldi versus Walmart" in the Food on a Budget Subreddit agree that location plays a significant part in whether food prices are lower at Aldi or Walmart in your area. The original poster — who lives in a Chicago suburb — said in their experience, Walmart is currently beating Aldi on grocery prices. Some Redditors agreed with this assessment, with one person responding, "I'm in a different state but I've noticed the same. On nearly every regular item on my list, Walmart wins."

Many Redditors had a different experience, however, stating that Aldi beats Walmart's prices on certain products like meat and has higher quality items. One person also said Aldi's produce lasts longer. Some people simply prefer shopping at Aldi because it's smaller and less chaotic. Still, there's a consensus that both offer budget-friendly prices, but that just as with different apple varieties, where you should shop depends on what food you're buying.

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