Is Aldi Open On Christmas Day 2023?

Person bagging Aldi items
Person bagging Aldi items - Bloomberg/Getty Images

There's no doubt Aldi has some of the most dedicated fans of any supermarket chain thanks to its famously low prices and unusual selection. But if home cooks find themselves in need of a last-minute item for Christmas dinner, will their local store be open?

According to the chain's website, all Aldi locations across the board will be closed on Christmas Day. It's one out of four annual holidays when the entire chain shuts down; the list also includes New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving Day. This means those looking for a Christmas shopping spree will be out of luck. Still, this allows Aldi's hard-working employees to enjoy the holidays with their families or simply get a break from the fast-paced work.

It's even more crucial that shoppers don't leave their trip for the last minute, as Aldi is only open for limited hours on Christmas Eve. These hours vary from store to store, so the company recommends checking with your nearest location to find out when they plan to close for the day.

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Aldi Still Offers Plenty Of Holiday Spirit

Person holding Aldi advent calendar
Person holding Aldi advent calendar - allanjcarpenter/Instagram

Fortunately, Aldi is known for helping shoppers get into the holiday spirit long before the big day. Just a day or two after Halloween, buyers start seeing Aldi finds that prove the chain knows winter starts in November, like holiday candy, baked goods, scented candles, and gingerbread house kits. This is in addition to more than 75 specialty cheeses, dozens of charcuterie options, and eight varieties of holiday-oriented wine. Shoppers can also look forward to Aldi's famous advent calendars, which range from traditional chocolate to beer, cheese, coffee, children's toys, and more. (You might want to try the mouth-scorching hot sauce collection, or for animal lovers, the Dog Advent Calendar.)

Aldi also maintains a Holiday section on its website, showcasing the latest deals and collecting recipes for shoppers in need of inspiration. With all these resources, Aldi fans should be well-prepared for the big day and won't need to make any last-minute run to the supermarket.

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