Alderney dig uncovers potential Bronze Age skeleton

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Archaeologists believe the skeleton dates back to the Bronze Age

Archaeologists working in Alderney believe they may have uncovered a Bronze Age skeleton during a dig on the island.

Dig Alderney is working on Longis Common, which is the site of both an Iron Age cemetery and a Roman settlement built over the top.

But the team said the latest discovery could be from a much earlier era and could be the oldest find to date there.

Archaeologist Phil de Jersey said the discovery was "very unexpected".

"It gives us a completely new aspect of the archaeology of Longis Common," he said.

"We were hoping for the Iron Age cemetery, but in this case we've missed out the Iron Age and have gone back to an earlier period, the Bronze Age, probably about 3,500 years ago.

"We've never had that in this area before - it's very unusual to get surviving burials from that period. It's very unexpected and very exciting."

An archaeological dig in Alderney
A large amount of Roman material has been unearthed along with some Iron Age items

About 1,000 pieces of Roman pottery and some Iron Age items have also been discovered during the dig.

Work at the site, which began more than two weeks ago, is due to continue until 27 May.

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