Albino python loose in Oklahoma mobile home park caught after 6 months. ‘No easy feat’

An albino python has been found six months after it was reported missing at an Oklahoma mobile home park.

The 8-foot-long snake went missing in the Burntwood Mobile Home Park and was surviving outside for months, according to the Oklahoma Exotics Rescue and Sanctuary.

The python was found under a home by a resident in the early morning of Oct. 25, KFOR reported.

Albino python captured in Oklahoma
Albino python captured in Oklahoma

“But they caught it, put it into a laundry basket and taped the laundry basket shut,” Oklahoma Exotics Rescue and Sanctuary Owner Michael Wilkins told KOKH.

While the python was loose, residents reported cats missing from the neighborhood and speculated the python may have survived by eating them, according to KFOR.

But the Exotics Rescue and Sanctuary, where the python was taken after being caught, said that is not the case.

Albino python captured in Oklahoma
Albino python captured in Oklahoma

“As you’ll notice he is about 8 ft long and has not eaten any cats or any other wild animals recently,” a Facebook post by the organization said.

The python is said to be fairly healthy and will receive medical care from the rescue center.

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