TikTok stunned over what it's like to bar hop in Alaska in the summer: 'I'd never stop'

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Bar hopping in Alaska at night is quite different than it is for other Americans.

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TikToker @jennababyy.1 shared what nightlife is like in Anchorage. It’s definitely not the dark clubs and dimly lit streets filled with people you might be accustomed to elsewhere. The state’s proximity to the North Pole means some areas experience longer days during the summer and shorter days during the winter.

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In fact, some parts of Alaska, like Barrow, get 24 hours of daylight from May until July. Places like Anchorage can expect up to 19 hours of sunlight around this time. That means at 11 p.m. the sunlight is still popping.

“Bars in Alaska at 11pm,” the TikToker wrote in the caption.

The scene was not too dissimilar to what Sunday brunch looks like elsewhere. People were outdoors eating and drinking at local restaurants and bars. Except it was the middle of the night rather than early afternoon.

The insightful video racked up over 5.5 million views on TikTok.

“You’re telling me I could be plastered coming out of a club and people could see me in broad daylight?” a user said.

“I could NEVER process that it’s almost midnight. I’d never stop and be wrecked,” another commented.

“Imagine not knowing when to go home because it’s always light out and you’ve been drinking for days,” someone added.

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