Alabama DB Tony Mitchell tried to evade police by speeding to 141 mph before arrest

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Suspended Alabama freshman defensive back Tony Mitchell evaded police in excess of141 miles per hour prior to his arrest last week, when sheriff's deputies recovered 226 grams of marijuana, a loaded gun and more than $7,000 in cash, according to the incident report.

On March 15, deputies from the Holmes County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office arrested Mitchell, 19, who was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and/or distribute. A passenger in Mitchell's car, Christophere Lewis, faces the same charge and one for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit.

According to the arrest report, which was obtained Tuesday by USA TODAY Sports, deputies clocked a black Dodge Challenger allegedly driven by Mitchell traveling at 78 miles per hour in a zone whose speed limit was 55, shortly before 10:30 p.m. the night of the incident. After trying to initiate a traffic stop, the car accelerated to more than 141 miles per hour before deputies lost sight of it, according to the report.

Approximately seven minutes later, the deputies observed a similar black Dodge Challenger traveling 10 miles per hour over in a zone with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour. According to the report, deputies then activated their emergency lights and that the car eventually came to a complete stop.

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Sheriff's deputies allegedly observed Mitchell's "eyes to be red and glazy" and that he "appeared to have a slow and/or delayed response answering questions" when they approached the car to question him and Lewis. The deputies "did detect the odor of burnt marijuana coming from within" the car, per the report, at which time they asked Mitchell if there was any marijuana in the car.

According to the report, Mitchell allegedly handed over around two ounces of marijuana to a deputy through the driver-side window. Mitchell was then removed from the car and then "placed in double locked hand restraints." Lewis was also removed from the car and detained.

Deputies found around six more ounces of marijuana on the passenger floor board where Lewis had been sitting, according to the report. They also recovered a Springfield 9mm gun "between the front passenger seat and center console concealed from ordinary view," according to the report. The gun was loaded and held three live rounds.

According to the report, Mitchell had a concealed weapons permit and Lewis did not, though both later denied possession of both the marijuana and the gun. When questioned by the deputies, Mitchell admitted to fleeing, claiming Lewis "told him to 'punch it.' "

According to the report, deputies also recovered $7,040 in the car; Mitchell claimed $1,000 to be his, while Lewis claimed $5,000, leaving $1,040.00 not claimed by either. Sheriff's deputies also found a set of scales.

Mitchell and Lewis were both taken to Holmes County Jail.

On Monday, when the Crimson Tide opened spring practice, coach Nick Saban announced that Mitchell would be suspended from all team activities as the program gathers more information.

"Everybody's got an opportunity to make choices and decisions," Saban said. "There's no such thing in being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You've got to be responsible for who you're with, who you're around and what you do, who you associate yourself with and the situations that you put yourself in.

"It is what it is, but there is cause and effect when you make choices and decisions that put you in bad situations."

Mitchell is a native of Alabaster, Alabama.

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