AiTax Launches Patented Tax Preparing Software for Small and Medium Size Businesses

AiTax Uses State-Of-The-Art Artificial Intelligence-Powered Software For Tax Compliance

DALLAS, November 29, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AiTax is thrilled to announce the launch of its proprietary software that uses artificial intelligence designed specifically to prepare income tax returns for business owners, self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs. The software is capable of identifying present and future tax planning strategies for business owners, guaranteeing that the users of the tax platform pay the lowest amount of tax legally possible.

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AiTax Launches Tax Preparation Software (Photo: Business Wire)

The use of artificial intelligence eliminates risk of human error and increases opportunities to help clients find more deductions than they would with other tax software programs that lack Ai.

A common complaint from taxpayers about tax software is that the quality of the end result (the amount of tax you pay) is only as good as the data that the software is able to extract from the user. If the software is not intuitive and user friendly, the result will be substandard. The patented and proprietary artificial intelligence powering AiTax makes it extremely easy for users and allows AiTax to easily extract the relevant data needed to mitigate tax exposure.

"AiTax found the perfect solution to the issue of obtaining important, relevant data from the user," said founder and Chief Executive Officer John Anthony Castro, J.D., LL.M. "Current software programs do not identify legal ways to reduce tax exposure. They only acquire basic data from the user. It doesn’t explain things to business owners. The artificial intelligence in our software goes the extra mile, so it’s like having a team of tax attorneys prepare your tax return without the complexity; it’s all extremely simple for the user with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions."

AiTax fully utilizes the extracted data through integrating novel interpretations of the Internal Revenue Code. AiTax stands by its clients who use the software platform. The company uses a contingent fee method that guarantees a positive result, as the filing is free.

All filings come with free audit and legal defense at no additional cost. Other companies upcharge customers for defending the return.

Castro explained, "One of the key competitive advantages of AiTax is the free audit and legal defense. Our customers know that we stand by our customers and the results of AiTax. Other tax softwares will charge extra for the very tax return they produced, which just makes no sense. If they’re not willing to stand by the tax returns they produce, they’re worthless."

Castro is an International Tax Attorney with a Master of Laws in Taxation from Georgetown Law in Washington, D.C. He is also an OPM graduate and fellow of Harvard Business School. Castro is recognized as an authoritative figure in the world of tax law and has been covered by Forbes, the International Business Times, Entrepreneur the Magazine, the Nevada Law Journal and the Sydney Morning Herald.

For more information and to receive a free proposal, visit For a limited time, they’re offering free phone-based introductory consultations for established business owners.

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