Airline passenger calls out girlfriend over her ‘selfish’ pre-flight decision

A man is wondering if it’s OK for his girlfriend to take an airline’s seat upgrade if it means leaving him behind.

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Whenever his girlfriend can get a free upgrade on a flight, she takes it. He thinks she should want to sit with him during the flight and went to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to ask if her behavior is wrong.

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“Quick question – When my GF (27) and I (M30) fly a certain airline she has status on – she usually gets upgraded 90% of the time. When she does get offered the upgrade, she takes it while leaving me behind in the economy,” the Reddit poster wrote.

Ultimately, the Redditor thought nobody should take the upgrade so that the couple could sit together.

Redditors had mixed reactions to the situation.

“If it’s just airplane seats I wouldn’t worry about it. You might find, as I did, that this type of casual selfishness extends beyond airplane seats to just about everything,” someone advised.

“Personally, if my partner was offered an upgrade, I’d tell him to go ahead! But unless my partner encouraged me to go, I would be reluctant to take it,” another said.

“I’d want my partner to get the upgrade and I’d encourage him to do so. Likewise, he would tell me to do the same. We are not attached at the hip and have the whole trip together,” a user commented.

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